Cacao yellow mosaic virus

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Cacao yellow mosaic virus (CYMV)
Virus classification
Group IV ((+)ssRNA)
Cacao yellow mosaic virus

Cacao yellow mosaic virus (CYMV) is a virus in the family Tymoviridae that infects cacao trees in Sierra Leone.


CYMV, like other Tymoviridae are non-enveloped viruses, surrounded by a capsid approximately 30 nanometers wide.[1] The viral capsid has T = 3 symmetry.[1] Tymoviridae have positive-sense single-stranded RNA genomes approximately 6 kilobases long.[1]


In the cacao tree, CYMV infection leads to the appearance of large circular yellow blotches on the leaves. Infected trees are not killed or severely inhibited.[2]

Ecology and distribution[edit]

CYMV has only been found in Sierra Leone where it primarily infects the cacao tree Theobroma cacao. However, it can experimentally infect a number of other dicots including Chenopodium amaranticolor, Chenopodium quinoa, Tetragonia expansa, Vinca rosea, Nicotinia clevelandii, and Nicandra phsalodes.[2]


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