Cachorro River (Pará)

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Cachorro River
Cachorro River (Pará) is located in Brazil
Cachorro River (Pará)
Native name Rio Cachorro
Country Brazil
Physical characteristics
Main source Pará state
River mouth Trombetas River
0°59′57″S 57°03′08″W / 0.999166°S 57.052171°W / -0.999166; -57.052171Coordinates: 0°59′57″S 57°03′08″W / 0.999166°S 57.052171°W / -0.999166; -57.052171
Basin features
River system Trombetas River

The Cachorro River is a tributary of the Trombetas River in Pará state in north-central Brazil.

The Cachorro River flows through the 3,172,978 hectares (7,840,600 acres) Trombetas State Forest from north to south, and joins the Trombetas within the forest.[1]

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