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Star ATM Network Logo.svg
Operating area United States
Members ±5,700
ATMs ±250,000
Founded 1984
Owner First Data Corporation

STAR is an interbank network and EFTPOS network in the United States. It is the largest American interbank network, with 2 million[1] ATMs,[2] 134 million cardholders and over 5,700 participating financial institutions. The STAR Network began in 1984 and was acquired by First Data Corporation in 2003.[3] The network is owned and operated by STAR Networks, a subsidiary company of First Data.


The network has existed since the 1980s, and has since included several other networks,[4] mostly in the 2000s:

Interbank networks that merged with STAR
Interbank networks that merged with STAR
  • Alert
  • BankMate
  • Cactus
  • Cash Station
  • Explore
  • Money Access Center (MAC)
  • MOST
  • VIA

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