Cadê as Armas?

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Cadê as Armas?
Mercenárias Cadê as Armas.jpg
Studio album by Mercenárias
Released 1986
(re-released in 1995)
Recorded 1984/1985
Genre Post-punk, punk rock
Label Baratos Afins
Producer Luiz Calanca
Mercenárias chronology
Cadê as Armas?

Cadê as Armas? (Portuguese for Where Are the Weapons?) is the debut album by Brazilian post-punk band Mercenárias. It was released in 1986 via famous independent record label Baratos Afins and re-released in CD form in 1995, with three live bonus tracks recorded in 1988, during a show that celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Baratos Afins.

João Gordo (of Ratos de Porão fame), Edgard Scandurra (formerly a member of Mercenárias, and more well known for his work with Ultraje a Rigor and Ira!) and Vange Leonel provide backing vocals in the track "Santa Igreja".

A music video was made for the track "Pânico", being the Mercenárias' only one.[1]

An old drawing of the Argentinian coat of arms is depicted in the album's cover.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music English title Length
1. "Me Perco Nesse Tempo" Ciça Ana Machado, Sandra Coutinho I Get Lost in This Time 1:22
2. "Polícia" Ana Machado Ana Machado, Rosália Munhoz, Sandra Coutinho Police 1:02
3. "Imagem" Sandra Coutinho Edgard Scandurra, Sandra Coutinho Image 1:50
4. "Inimigo" Ana Machado, Edgard Scandurra Ana Machado, Edgard Scandurra, Sandra Coutinho Enemy 1:31
5. "Pânico" Rosália Munhoz, Sandra Coutinho Ana Machado, Lou Moreira, Rosália Munhoz, Sandra Coutinho Panic 1:57
6. "Amor Inimigo" Lou Moreira Ana Machado, Lou Moreira, Sandra Coutinho Enemy Love 2:02
7. "Loucos Sentimentos" Rosália Munhoz Ana Machado, Lou Moreira, Sandra Coutinho Crazy Feelings 1:35
8. "Labirintos" Rosália Munhoz Ana Machado, Sandra Coutinho Labyrinths 2:22
9. "Além Acima" Rosália Munhoz Ana Machado, Lou Moreira, Rosália Munhoz, Sandra Coutinho Above Upwards 2:38
10. "Santa Igreja" Sandra Coutinho Ana Machado, Sandra Coutinho Holy Church 2:12
1995 CD re-release bonus tracks
No. Title Length
11. "Inimigo" (live in São Paulo, 5 February 1988) 1:34
12. "Além Acima" (live in São Paulo, 5 February 1988) 2:36
13. "Santa Igreja" (live in São Paulo, 5 February 1988) 2:04


Ira! covered "Me Perco Nesse Tempo" on their seventh studio album 7, released in 1996.

Critical reception[edit]

On July 20, 2016, Rolling Stone Brazil chose Cadê as Armas? as the 5th best Brazilian punk rock album of all time.[2]


  • Ana Machado – guitar
  • Lourdes "Lou" Moreira – drums
  • Rosália Munhoz – vocals
  • Sandra Coutinho – backing vocals, bass
  • Edgard Scandurra – backing vocals (track 10), guitar (track 9), percussion (track 5)
  • João Gordo – backing vocals (track 10)
  • Peter Price – percussion (track 5)
  • Marcinha Montserrath – backing vocals (track 10)
  • Vange Leonel – backing vocals (track 10)
  • Luiz Calanca – production


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