Cadabra (computer program)

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Developer(s) Kasper Peeters
Stable release
2.1.4 / 14 April 2017; 13 days ago (2017-04-14)
Preview release
2.0.1008 / 1 December 2016; 4 months ago (2016-12-01)
Written in C++
Operating system Cross-platform (list)
Type Computer algebra system
License GPL

Cadabra is a computer algebra system designed specifically for the solution of problems encountered in field theory.

Released under the GNU General Public License, Cadabra is free software.

Cadabra has extensive functionality for tensor polynomial simplification including multi-term symmetries, fermions and anti-commuting variables, Clifford algebras and Fierz transformations, implicit coordinate dependence, multiple index types and many more. The input format is a subset of TeX. Both a command-line and a graphical interface are available.

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