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The Cadbury family is a prominent British family of industrialists descending from Richard Tapper Cadbury.

  • Richard Tapper Cadbury (1768–1860) draper and abolitionist, who financed his sons' start-up business
    • John Cadbury (1801–1889), family patriarch and founder of the Cadbury chocolate company working with two brothers ∞ Candia Barrow Cadbury née Barrow
      • Richard Barrow Cadbury (1835–1899), manufacturer and philanthropist ∞ Elizabeth Cadbury née Adlington
      • George Cadbury (1839–1922), younger brother, developed the firm and perfected the recipe for Dairy MilkElizabeth Cadbury née Taylor, later DBE
        • Edward Cadbury, (1873–1948), head of the chocolate factory, founder of the Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust [2]
        • Marion Cadbury (1894–1979) ∞ William Greeves (1890–1960)
        • Laurence John Cadbury (1889–1982), succeeded his brother Edward as head of the chocolate company in 1944
          • Sir (George) Adrian Cadbury (1929-2015), chairman of Cadbury and Cadbury Schweppes for 24 years, writer on corporate governance, director of the Bank of England, Olympic rower, Chancellor of Aston University
          • Dominic Cadbury (b. 1940), businessman, Chancellor of the University of Birmingham
          • Georgina Cadbury (b. 1977), investment financier
        • Air Commodore Sir Egbert Cadbury, DSC, DFC (1893—1967), First World War fighter pilot and later managing director of the family firm
          • Peter Cadbury (1918–2006), entrepreneur in other sectors
            • Joel Cadbury (b. 1971), entrepreneur and philanthropist
            • Paul Cadbury (b. 1975), left the family at 25 and moved to Thailand. Financier and manager of large nightlife group in Thailand employing over 3,000 people.
          • Robin Cadbury (b. 1925 - 2009), Engineer.[3]
            • Nigel Cadbury (b. 1956), District Judge in Worcestershire.[4]
              • James Cadbury (b. 1985) a descendant of John Cadbury, setup up in 2016, an organic, ethical, British chocolate company, which sends chocolate through the post in letterbox friendly boxes.[5]