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The Cadbury family is a prominent British family of industrialists descending from Richard Tapper Cadbury.

  • Richard Tapper Cadbury (1768–1860) draper and abolitionist, who financed his sons' start-up business
    • John Cadbury (1801–1889), family patriarch and founder of the Cadbury chocolate company working with two brothers ∞ Candia Barrow Cadbury née Barrow
      • Richard Barrow Cadbury (1835–1899), manufacturer and philanthropist ∞ Elizabeth Cadbury née Adlington
      • George Cadbury (1839–1922), younger brother, developed the firm and perfected the recipe for Dairy MilkElizabeth Cadbury née Taylor, later DBE
        • Edward Cadbury, (1873–1948), head of the chocolate factory, founder of the Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust [2]
        • Marion Cadbury (1894–1979) ∞ William Greeves (1890–1960)
        • Laurence John Cadbury (1889–1982), succeeded his brother Edward as head of the chocolate company in 1944
          • Sir (George) Adrian Cadbury (b. 1929), chairman of Cadbury and Cadbury Schweppes for 24 years, writer on corporate governance, director of the Bank of England, Olympic rower, Chancellor of Aston University
          • Dominic Cadbury (b. 1940), businessman, Chancellor of the University of Birmingham
          • Georgina Cadbury (b. 1977), investment financier
        • Air Commodore Sir Egbert Cadbury, DSC, DFC (1893—1967), First World War fighter pilot and later managing director of the family firm
          • Peter Cadbury (1918–2006), entrepreneur in other sectors
            • Joel Cadbury (b. 1971), entrepreneur and philanthropist
            • Paul Cadbury (b. 1975), left the family at 25 and moved to Thailand. Financier and manager of large nightlife group in Thailand employing over 3,000 people.


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