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Computer Aided Development Corporation Limited (Cadcorp)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
FoundedBedford, Bedfordshire (1991)
HeadquartersStevenage, Hertfordshire, U.K. 51°53′50.70″N 0°12′21.52″W / 51.8974167°N 0.2059778°W / 51.8974167; -0.2059778
ProductsCadcorp SIS
Cadcorp GeognoSIS
Cadcorp Web Map Layers

Computer Aided Development Corporation Ltd. (Cadcorp) is a British owned and run company established in 1991. Cadcorp has its headquarters in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, U.K.. Cadcorp has a network of distributors and value added resellers (VARs) around the world.[1]

Cadcorp is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified company,[2] a Microsoft SQL Server Spatial Partner,[3] an Ordnance Survey Licensed Developer Partner,[4] and a corporate member of the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) in the U.K..[5]


Cadcorp’s first product was a Microsoft Windows-based CAD system called Wincad. All rights to the product were sold in 1994. Wincad development and maintenance, carried out latterly by Informatix Inc.,[6] Japan, through their UK subsidiary[7] under the brand name MicroGDS, was stopped in March 2013[8]. After selling Wincad, Cadcorp moved on to developing geographic information system (GIS) software. The first version of Cadcorp SIS – Spatial Information System ("Cadcorp SIS") was released in 1995.

The leadership team successfully completed a management buyout of the company in May 2015.[9]


Cadcorp SIS has applications in the following UK markets[10]

  • Government (local, municipal and central)
  • Emergency Services
  • Land and Property
  • Insurance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Utilities
  • Maritime
  • National Mapping Agencies

Open Geospatial Consortium[edit]

Cadcorp has been a member[11] of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) since 1997. In 2004, Cadcorp’s technical director, Martin Daly was awarded[12] the OGC Kenneth G. Gardels Award,[13] made annually to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to advancing the OGC vision of geographic information fully integrated into the worlds information systems.

Several versions of the Cadcorp SIS product suite are certified OGC compliant[14] in the categories of:

Cadcorp SIS also implements support for:

Product Overview[edit]

Cadcorp SIS is available in different forms:


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