Cadell ap Brochfael

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Cadell ap Brochfael
Diedc. 808
FatherBrochfael ap Elisedd

Cadell ap Brochfael (English: Cadell, son of Brochfael; died c. 808), also known as Cadell Powys, was an 8th- and 9th-century king of Powys.

He was the son of Brochfael ap Elisedd, whom he succeeded to the throne c. 773.

The Annals of Wales mention his death, and Phillimore's reconstruction dates the entry to AD 808. His name also was inscribed (as "Cattell") in the Pillar of Eliseg.


Preceded by
Brochfael ap Elisedd
King of Powys
Succeeded by
Cyngen ap Cadell