Cademuir International School

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Cademuir International School
Thornhill, Dumfriesshire
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Coordinates 55°11′42″N 3°53′31″W / 55.195°N 3.892°W / 55.195; -3.892Coordinates: 55°11′42″N 3°53′31″W / 55.195°N 3.892°W / 55.195; -3.892
Type Boarding school
Established 1990
Locale English; international student
Head master Robert Mulvey
Grades P7-S6

Cademuir International School was a specialist school in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

The school, founded by Robert Mulvey in 1990, was created to serve high ability learners and underachievers with high potential.[1]

Latterly based at Crawfordton House, Moniaive, a listed building, it previously operated from near Peebles.

In 2002, the school was ranked second of 418 schools in Scotland for Higher Grade results.[2]

Following controversial stories in the tabloid press, in 2004, an HMI report criticised the school, "particularly in the care and welfare areas of child protection, vetting of staff and restraint".[3] A follow-up inspection criticised a "lack of stable and effective strategic leadership" on 13 September 2005.[4]

In September 2006 the school went out of business due to financial difficulties. Its roll had dropped from 100 pupils to 34 at the time of its closure.[5]

The school buildings were then placed on the market with an asking price of £1.3 million.[6]

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