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Cadence may refer to:



  • Cadence (cycling), the number of revolutions of the crankset per minute
  • Cadence Design Systems, an electronic design automation company
  • Cadence (film), a 1990 film directed by Martin Sheen
  • Cadence (gait), the number of human walking steps per minute
  • Cadence (given name), a feminine name.
  • Cadence Industries, publishing company formed in the 1970s that owned Marvel Comics
  • "Cadence of Accountability" for (Industry) FranklinCovey time management training - Cadence is basically accountability with rhythm. (4DX) The cadence of accountability is a rhythm of regular, frequent employee staff meetings that occur weekly and last approximately twenty minutes.
  • Cadence, or DJ Cadence, a fictional DJ in the online virtual game Club Penguin
  • Cadence (software), the rhythm and frequence of releasing a piece of software.
  • Cadence (software), a personal digital assistant

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