Cadet Sisters

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Cadet Sisters
Origin Illinois, Utah, United States of America
Genres Gospel, Acapella, Christian, Spirituals
Years active 1990s-Present
Members Nadege Cadet, Michaelle Cadet, Melissa Cadet and Gianna Cadet
Past members Natalie Cadet and Tatiana Cadet

The Cadét Sisters (pronounced ca-DAY) are an American a cappella, Seventh-day Adventist, Christian, Gospel group from Utah, United States. The Cadet Sisters music group has consisted both of current and former members including the sisters Natalie Cadet, Tatiana Cadet, Nadege Cadet, Michaelle Cadet, Melissa Cadet and Gianna Cadet. The Cadet Sisters have been singing together since 1990. Their singing career began in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The oldest sister, Natalie, four years old at the time, sang with Tatiana, then three years old.

The Cadet Sister's music can be heard on Christian radio stations. The Cadet Sisters have performed at Adventist Services and Industries (ASI) meetings. In addition, they have appeared on Kids Time and 3ABN Presents, aired on the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), one of the largest Christian Television Networks that reaches every continent in the world. Finally, they have also been featured on Purely Music, a program aired on Safe TV.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Wonderful Words of Life (2003).
  • In Times Like These (2005).
  • Expressions (2007).


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