Cadit quaestio

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Cadit quaestio is a Latin expression that is used both as a legal term and, abbreviated "cq", as a symbol in copy editing. The expression literally translates as "the question (quaestio) falls (cadit)".[1][2] In legal contexts, cadit quaestio is used to indicate that an issue is no longer in question, often because a dispute (question) between two parties has either been settled, or dropped.[3]

As a mark in copy editing, "cq" implies that the accuracy of a statement has been verified by the copy-editor and, hence, is no longer in question.[4][unreliable source?][5][unreliable source?] In this context, cq should be distinguished from sic, used in published pieces to indicate that a quote has been transcribed verbatim, without correcting perceived errors in the original source.