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Cadogan (English: /kəˈdʌɡən/) is a name of Welsh origin and is a variant of the name Cadwgan (Welsh pronunciation: [kaˈduːɡan]). It may refer to:



All the following in and around Chelsea, London:


  • Cadogan Petroleum, an oil & gas company operating in Ukraine
  • Cadogan Estates, a property company
  • Sir Cadogan, fictional Harry Potter character
  • Cadogan pot, 19th Century English style of teapot, produced most famously by the Rockingham Pottery
  • Cadogan Guides, a series of travel books published by Globe Pequot Press, the book division of Morris Communications
  • Cadogan Chess, a publisher of chess books, now known as Everyman Chess
  • Cadogan & Associates is a full-service Washington D.C. based consulting firm providing business development resources to the private, public and non-profit sectors. The company offers specialized navigation in government procurement and contracting processes by providing expert knowledge and tools for business owners to be responsible and responsive bidders.