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Not to be confused with CADWorx; program by Intergraph
Cadwork logo.jpg
Developer(s) cadwork informatik AG
Stable release
24 / 2017
Operating system Windows, HP-UX
License Proprietary

cadwork is a computer aided design software, created in 1980 by the CSEM, and followed in 1982 by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), before it came a Swiss society in 1988 (Cadwork informatik).

In the origin, cadwork was developed for the watch industry, but it is now mainly used by the building and construction market:

The different modules in the suite enable one to draw, to design (CAD) or to manufacture (CAM).

cadwork files have the following extensions :

  • .2d, .2dc (2 dimensions drawing)
  • .3d, .3dc (3 dimensions design)
  • .2dr (road projects)
  • .2dv (parametric elements).

These files can be viewed with the free software. The free version allows to Zoom, to PAN and to print, but it doesn't allow you to modify the drawings.

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