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Caedes is an Internet community of artists, designers, and photographers who share their work through the medium of computer wallpapers. Visitors can browse the galleries of images, and use images that have been posted on the website as desktop backgrounds. After registering (by choosing a screenname and password, and supplying an e-mail address), users can comment on each other's work and submit their own work.


Image Upload[edit]

The main objective of this forum is for authors to share their own original images. Images are only accepted if the submitter is the original copyright owner, or if the image is in the public domain. Members retain all copyrights to their images.


Caedes has its own leadership hierarchy based on the Roman Senate structure.

  • Praetor Maximus - Site Administrator
  • Consuls - Forum Moderators
  • Praetori - Image Moderators
  • Aediles - Lowest ranking members of the Caedes Senate who maintain order
  • Cadre - Users who donate $3 a month
  • Artists - Users who have uploaded at least one image
  • Members - Users who have not uploaded any images


Voting on images is considered an essential part of being in the community. Users rate an image on a scale of 0 to 10. A 'C-index' is updated for images every 24 hours, as long as at least 10 votes have been cast. The c-index is mostly based on the average of all the votes for the image. In order to receive votes, artists must vote on 10 images for each image they post.


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