Caelius Aconius Probianus

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Caelius Aconius Probianus (fl. 461-471) was a politician of the Western Roman Empire.

He was Praetorian prefect of Italy under Emperors Leo I and Libius Severus; considering that his successor Caecina Decius Basilius was in office in 463, Probianus' mandate lasted between 461 and 463. In 471 held the consulship, chosen by the Western court of Emperor Anthemius, together with Eastern Emperor Leo.

As attested by his name, he was related to the Aconii Catullini family, and, probably, to Aconia Fabia Paulina.[1]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Messius Phoebus Severus,
Flavius Iordanes
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Imp. Caes. Fl. Valerius Leo Augustus IV
Succeeded by
Fl. Rufius Postumius Festus,
Fl. Marcian