Caesar Creek Soaring Club

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Caesar Creek Soaring Club
Caesar Creek Soaring Club Logo.png
Type Not for profit club
Headquarters Waynesville, Ohio
Membership Individuals
Field Gliding
Number of Members 220
Key people President - John Lubon
Vice President - Jim Marks
Treasurer - Rolf Hegele
A two place glider on tow behind a Pawnee departing East bound

The Caesar Creek Soaring Club (CCSC) is one of the largest and oldest soaring clubs in the United States and is located in Southwest Ohio between the cities of Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus,Ohio.[1]


The purpose of CCSC is to encourage the sport and art of soaring, to host the yearly Region Six South Sailplane contest and other national soaring contests run under the auspices of the Soaring Society of America. The CCSC also exists to encourage people of all ages to learn to soar. The members of the CCSC volunteer their time one day a month as instructors, tow pilots and ground handlers to provide crews on weekends and Wednesdays all year round.[1]

With over 220 members belonging to the CCSC, it is one of the two largest clubs in the United States, the other being the Texas Soaring Association located in Midlothian, Texas.[2]


Pilots, workers and crews of the 2007 Standard Class Championships

The CCSC has hosted many regional and national contests. The most recent national contest were the 2007 Standard Class Nationals and the 18 Meter Class Nationals which was held on June, 2010.[3]


The CCSC owns eight sailplanes and three Piper Pawnee tow planes and is home to more than 35 privately owned gliders.[4]


Tow Planes[edit]


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