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Caesarea in Israel is the modern town built on the site of ancient Caesarea Maritima.

Caesarea, a city name derived from the first Roman imperial family, which later became a title "Caesar", was given to numerous cities and locations in the Roman Empire proper and/or Byzantine Empire :

in the Levant
  • Caesarea Maritima, also known as "Caesarea Palaestinae", an ancient Roman city near the modern Israeli town
  • Caesarea Philippi, also known as "Caesarea Paneas", an ancient Roman city in the Golan Heights, Syria
  • Caesarea Magna, formerly Larissa in Syria, modern Shaizar, an ancient Roman city and modern Syrian town
in Turkey
  • Caesarea in Bythinia, alias Germanicopolis (in Bythinia), former bishopric and present Latin Catholic titular see
  • Caesarea in Cappadocia, modern Kayseri, an ancient Roman and modern Anatolian city
  • Caesarea in Cilicia, renamed Anazarbus, an ancient Cilician and Roman city in modern Turkey
  • Caesarea Antiochia, also known as "Antioch of Pisidia", an ancient Pisidian and Roman city
  • Caesarea Germanica, modern Kahramanmaraş in southern Turkey, an ancient Roman and Byzantine town
  • Caesarea, in southwest Anatolia, also named Kibyra
  • Claudiocaesarea, modern Beyşehir, an ancient Roman city and modern Turkish town

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