Caetano Alpha

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Caetano Alpha
Caetano Alpha Sketch.jpg
Drawing of a Caetano Alpha coach
Manufacturer Salvador Caetano
Body and chassis
Doors 1 or 2 doors
Floor type Step entrance

The Caetano Alpha was a design of coach bodywork built by Salvador Caetano of Portugal between 1976 and 1983 (with facelifts in 1977, 1979, 1980 and 1981, known as Alpha 77, 79, 80 and 81, respectively. In the UK appeared in 1978). The coach was initially imported into the UK by Moseley of Loughborough and was badged as "Moseley Continental".

In Portugal, this was a widely popular coach, being a very representative model on Rodoviária Nacional fleet, becoming a symbol of their express services in the whole decade of the 80's, as well as on most private touring agencies.

A minibus version was known as Alphete.




Vehicle histories[edit]

Registration Chassis Picture Registered DVLA Expiry Orig. Owner Other Owner
KRS 85V Volvo B58 None found 24/07/80 30/11/93 Rapson, Brora Not Known
FUJ 359V Volvo B58  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? ABC European Not Known
EAK 87V Bedford YMT  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Globe, Barnsley Not Known
EDA 831V Ford R1114  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Meadway, Birmingham Not Known
EWE 760V Ford R1114?  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Not Known Not Known
HAY 201V Bedford YMT  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Not Known Harris, High Wycombe
JBC 281V Ford R1114  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Not Known Horseman, Reading
JUT 183V Volvo B58 Yes - but website link dead  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Not Known Not Known
LRT 281V Volvo B58  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? JDW, Ipswich Cedric, Swivenhoe
MUM 318V Volvo B58  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? SYT Not Known
UJY 572V Volvo B58 (See Enthusiasts Link) ex Trathen, Yelverton  ??/??/?? Hookways Not Known
TNP 6V Volvo B58  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Halford, Kempsey Jones, Ffosheliog
WCO 731V Volvo B58
 ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Trathen, Yelverton Not Known
WCO 733V Volvo B58  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Trathen, Yelverton Not Known
KAB 100X Bedford YMT  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Griffiths, Leintwardine Not Known
MEW 150W Bedford YMT  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Miller, Foxton Not Known
MEW 151W Volvo B10M  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Miller, Foxton Harding, Redditch
PSO 85W Volvo B10M  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Not Known Not Known
WGA 624W DAF MB200  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Not Known Not Known
WGB 621W DAF MB200?  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Not Known Not Known
JNM 55Y Volvo B10M  ??/??/??  ??/??/?? Not Known Not Known

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