Caetano Veloso (1971 album)

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Caetano Veloso
Studio album by Caetano Veloso
Released 1971
Genre MPB, folk rock
Length 35:52
Label Polygram
Caetano Veloso chronology
Caetano Veloso
Caetano Veloso
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Caetano Veloso is the third self-titled album by Caetano Veloso. It was recorded in England, when the artist was in an exile imposed by the Brazilian government of the time for being subversive. It is mostly sung in English and portrays a sad tone throughout, reflecting his feelings about homesickness and the absence of his family and friends. It was released first in Europe, and then in Brazil, in 1971. From the album booklet:

Caetano Veloso was a superstar in Brazil. He came to England and decided to make London his home in the summer of 1969. A French saint once said that it is as dangerous for a writer to try a new language as it is for a believer to try a new religion: he can lose his soul.

Caetano adopted English for the lyrics on this album to convey his first impressions of living in a foreign country. The songs serve as a two-way mirror, focusing thoughts and memories of home and absent friends and reflecting his reaction to a new but friendly environment. "A Little More Blue" and "London, London" were the very first songs to be written after leaving Brazil. "Maria Bethânia" is one of the most popular singing stars in Brazil; she is also Caetano's sister. "If You Hold a Stone", which is dedicated to Lygia Clark, and "Shoot Me Dead" are contemporary proverbs. "In The Hot Sun of a Christmas Day" an epic hiding behind the cloak of a carol. "Asa Branca", which was written by Luís Gonzaga, is a song about migration and home sickness...

When your tears wet the dry land
and spread the green of your eyes
over the dead trees
I promise you that
Then I'll be back, dear
Then I'll be back, dear
Then I'll be back.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Caetano Veloso except where noted.

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "A Little More Blue" 4:55
2. "London, London" 4:15
3. "Maria Bethânia" 7:55
Side two
No. Title Length
4. "If You Hold a Stone" 6:06
5. "Shoot Me Dead" 3:15
6. "In the Hot Sun of a Christmas Day" (Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil) 3:14
7. "Asa Branca" (Humberto Teixeira, Luiz Gonzaga) 7:20


  • Johnny Clamp – Photography
  • Linda Glover – Cover Design
  • John Iles – Engineer
  • Ralph Mace – Producer
  • Lou Reizner – Producer
  • Phil Ryan – String Arrangements
  • John Timperley – Engineer
  • Caetano Veloso – Guitar, Vocals