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A more conservative café con piernas in Santiago, December 2010

Café con piernas (literally, Spanish for "coffee with legs") is a coffee shop style popular in Chile where the service staff consists of females dressed in clothing considered to be revealing.[1] Coffee shops with waitresses serving in miniskirts and heels to businessmen had long been popular, but bikinis and similar attire accelerated the trend by the mid-1990s. The shops are very numerous and popular in Santiago.[2][3][4][5][6] It is frequently noted that the shops seem to contradict Chile's traditionally conservative culture.[7][8] Generally the women walk on a raised catwalk behind the bar so as to maximize the view for patrons.[8] Not all locations feature women in bikinis or lingerie, some have stayed with the traditional miniskirt and heels. Three well known café con piernas chains in Chile are Cafe do Brasil, Cafe Caribe and Cafe Haiti.[7]


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