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Cafe Gratitude is a small chain of restaurants serving organic, plant-based (vegan) food. There are four locations in the Los Angeles area, in Newport Beach, Venice, Larchmont Village, and in the Downtown Arts District. There are additional locations in Kansas City, Missouri, and San Diego.[1][2] A fifth restaurant in Berkeley, California, closed in 2015 after operating for 10 years.[3][4]


Except for the Kansas City location, Cafe Gratitude is majority owned and managed by Love Serve Remember, LLC (which also owns and manages Gracias Madre).[citation needed]


Cafe Gratitude is managed by incorporating the principles of Sacred Commerce,[citation needed] outlined in a book of the same name by Matthew and Terces Engelhart, who are also part owners of Love Serve Remember.[citation needed] Sacred Commerce opines that business can be a center for personal transformation as well as source of right livelihood.[citation needed]

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