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The cafehorn is a musical instrument created by the classical musician Nicola Gomirato.

Created on July 2006 with the support of the Italian artisans G&P and patented by Nicola Gomirato it is a strange and unique instrument made of six caffettiera and a brass pipe. It can be played like any other brass instrument since it has at the end of the pipe a mouthpiece.

The cafehorn can produce warm and charming sounds. Its voice is brilliant like a trumpet and passionate like a French horn. There is only one cafehorn in the world.

"This is a strange and funny instrument that enchanted hundreds of people when played" said a coffeeshop owner who displayed in his shop the cafehorn for 15 days in 2007.


The first concert for cafehorn and piano was performed In Grado Italy at the Grand Hotel Fonzari on September 2006. Several concerts for solo cafehorn, cafehorn and piano and cafehorn and brass ensamble solo have been made.


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