Cafeteria (bicosoecid)

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Cafeteria roenbergensis FENCHEL and D J PATTERSON schematic drawing.svg
Cafeteria roenbergensis
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): SAR
Superphylum: Heterokonta
Order: Bicosoecida
Family: Cafeteriaceae
Genus: Cafeteria
Fenchel & Patterson, 1988[1]

Cafeteria is a genus of marine bicosoecid described in 1988 by Tom Fenchel and D. J. Patterson. It was created after the discovery of a new species Cafeteria roenbergensis, a tiny (5–10 µm) eukaryotic organism that is eaten by protozoa and small invertebrates. The name is meant to indicate the importance of the genus in the food web.

At least three species are recognised:[2]


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