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Coordinates: 45°4′12.77″N 7°40′58.58″E / 45.0702139°N 7.6829389°E / 45.0702139; 7.6829389

The Caffè Fiorio is an historic café in Turin, northern Italy, located in Via Po.

Founded in 1780 it became a fashionable meeting place for the artistic, intellectual and political classes of the capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia. Frequented by such as Urbano Rattazzi, Massimo D'Azeglio, Giovanni Prati, Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour (who founded the Whist Club here), Giacinto Provana di Collegno, Cesare Balbo and Friedrich Nietzsche, it became known as "the café of the Machiavellis and of the pigtails."[1][2]



  1. ^ Codini, literally ‘pigtails’ is a term applied to reactionary politicians, apparently with reference to pre-revolutionary French hairstyles. Lo Zingarelli, s.v..
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