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Caffè Quadri

Coordinates: 45°26′04″N 12°20′17″E / 45.43442°N 12.33806°E / 45.43442; 12.33806
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Caffè Quadri

Caffè Quadri (Italian pronunciation: [kafˌfɛ kˈkwaːdri]) is a coffeehouse located in the Procuratie Vecchie of Piazza San Marco, Venice.[1] It was established in 1775.

The restaurant underwent a first important renovation in 1830, under the management of the Vaerini brothers, who expanded both the spaces and the activities, purchasing the upper floor that was used as a restaurant.[2] The ground floor was decorated with pastel stuccos, with a prevalence of green and yellow colors, and completed with views and scenes of Venetian life, the work of the painter Giuseppe Ponga, inspired by the style of Pietro Longhi.[3]

The property together with some other shops here are owned by Russian conductor Valery Gergiev as a part of the vast real estate inheritance of the philanthropist Yoko Nagae Ceschina who has died in 2015.[4]


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45°26′04″N 12°20′17″E / 45.43442°N 12.33806°E / 45.43442; 12.33806