Caffè Umbria

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Caffè Umbria
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Restaurant information
Established 2002 (2002)
Current owner(s) Emanuele Bizzarri

Caffè Umbria is a coffee roaster and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle.


In 1948 Ornello Bizzarri began a coffee roasting business in Perugia.[1] In 1986 his son Umberto brought the tradition and family business to Seattle, starting the company Torrefazione Italia.[1] In 2003 Starbucks purchased Torrefazione Italia and Seattle's Best Coffee.[2] Upon hearing that the family chain would close, Emanuele Bizzarri, son of Umberto, set about founding Caffè Umbria in 2002.[3]

The flagship store is located where Torrefazione's flagship stood when it existed.[4]


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