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Caff Records
FounderBob Stanley
GenreAlternative rock
Country of originUnited Kingdom
LocationCroydon, England

Caff Records was a short lived British independent record label run by Bob Stanley[1] of the band Saint Etienne. The label grew out of a fanzine Stanley put out with fellow band member Pete Wiggs,[2] with the label going by the name Caff, Caff Records and Caff Corporation.[3] Established in 1989, it is most noted for single releases by Pulp and the Manic Street Preachers. The Caff logo is a line drawing of a duck. After closing the label, Stanley together with Wiggs ran Icerink Records (1992–94),[4] Royal Mint (1995) and EMIdisc (1996).[5] They currently have a CD imprint called Eclipse via Universal.[6]


Caff only released one-off singles of each of group. Singles, EPs and split singles were solely released on the seven inch (7") format.

Catalogue Number Date Artist Title
CAFF 1 1989 East Village / Cath Coughlan Freeze Out / Im' long Me Measaim (Split flexi-disc)[1][3]
CAFF 2 1989 The Field Mice I Can See Myself Alone Forever / Everything About You
CAFF 3 1989 Phil Wilson Better Days / The Written Word
CAFF 4 1989 Close Lobsters Just Too Bloody Stupid
CAFF 5 1989 Television Personalities I Still Believe In Magic / Respectable
CAFF 6 1989 Buffalo Tom Enemy / Deep In The Ground
CAFF 7 1990 Another Sunny Day Genetic Engineering / Kilburn Towers
CAFF 8 1990 The Claim Birth Of A Teenager / Mike The Bike
CAFF 9 1990 Galaxie 500 Rain / Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste
CAFF 10 1990 Razorcuts Sometimes I Worry About You (4 track EP)
CAFF 11 1990 The Orchids An Ill Wind That Blows / All Those Things
CAFF 12 1990 The Lilac Time Madresfield / Bird On A Wire
CAFF 13 1990 Biff Bang Pow/ The Times Sleep / Extase (Split single, usually known as The Mods Are Back!)
CAFF 14 1991 Bitch Magnet Sadie / Ducks And Drakes
CAFF 15 1991 Manic Street Preachers New Art Riot / Repeat After Me (Known as Feminine Is Beautiful)
CAFF 16 1991 World Of Twist The Sausage / Skidding Into Love / Space Rockit
CAFF 17 1992 Pulp My Legendary Girlfriend (live) / Sickly Grin / Back In LA

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