Caffeine (film)

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Caffeine ver2.jpg
Promotional movie poster for the film
Directed by John Cosgrove
Produced by John Cosgrove
Jo Levi
Laurence Malkin
Terry Dunn Meurer
David Peters
Written by Dean Craig
Starring Mena Suvari
Marsha Thomason
Katherine Heigl
Mike Vogel
Breckin Meyer
Mark Pellegrino
Distributed by First Look Home Entertainment
Release date
10 August 2006 (RIIFF)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Caffeine is a 2006 American comedy film starring Marsha Thomason, Mena Suvari, Breckin Meyer, Katherine Heigl, Mike Vogel, and Mark Pellegrino. It revolves around relationships of the staff and patrons of the quirky Black Cat Cafe in London one day.


The staff and customers of the cafe get an extra "jolt" with their coffee when a commitment-shy man has a public fight with his angry ex-girlfriend, instigating a series of revelations about the eavesdropping couples nearby and their own "unusual" relationships; filled with eccentric personal conversations, confrontational arguments, imaginary visions, and connections between various characters.


During one lunchtime at an offbeat London coffee house, the relationships of the quirky staff and several couples are suddenly turned upside down by revelations of supremely embarrassing secrets and idiosyncrasies, generally having to do with their rampaging sexual appetites. A neurotic young commitment-phobe runs into his ex-girlfriend while he's whacked out on killer dope. A high strung control freak finds out that her husband-to-be is a transvestite. A shy, hesitant young woman suffers the blind-date-from hell, an obnoxious bore who has been told she sleeps with men on the first date. A hyper-possessive boyfriend discovers that his girlfriend is an ex-porn actress. The manager's boyfriend has a ménage à trois which he says is forgivable because the girls were identical twins. As the craziness builds to hilarious conclusions, CAFFEINE interweaves these characters' hapless attempts to repair their fractured relationships while they are forced to confront issues of fidelity, betrayal, commitment and forgiveness.[1]


Actor Role Notes
Thomason, MarshaMarsha Thomason Rachel Café manager & Charlie's girlfriend
Suvari, MenaMena Suvari Vanessa Café waitress & Lucy's granddaughter
Blue, CallumCallum Blue Charlie Café chef & Rachel's cheating boyfriend
Pellegrino, MarkMark Pellegrino Tom Café waiter, assistant cook & Dylan's boyfriend
Witt, RozRoz Witt Lucy Vanessa's delusional grandmother
Potts, Andrew LeeAndrew Lee Potts Mike Danny's stoner friend
Vogel, MikeMike Vogel Danny Mike's stoner friend
Meyer, BreckinBreckin Meyer Dylan Café waiter, aspiring writer & Tom's boyfriend
Walger, SonyaSonya Walger Gloria Mark's girlfriend (and possible porn star)
Seale, OrlandoOrlando Seale Mark Gloria's jealous boyfriend
Heigl, KatherineKatherine Heigl Laura Steve's blind date & Mike's ex-girlfriend
Crawford, DazDaz Crawford Steve Laura's blind date
Ableson, AndrewAndrew Ableson John David's friend (an accused pervert)
Dymond, MarkMark Dymond David John's friend & Angela's fiancée
Ozsan, HalHal Ozsan Dude a guitarist
Newman, Paula JanePaula Jane Newman annoying lady customer
Leyser, JulesJules Leyser Angela David's fiancée
Dickson, NeilNeil Dickson Mr. Davies the owner of the Marion


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