Cage of Stars

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Cage of Stars (ISBN 9780446578752) is a 2006 best-selling novel by Jacquelyn Mitchard.


Young Veronica (“Ronnie”) Swan's idyllic life in her Mormon community is shattered when her two younger sisters are brutally murdered by the schizophrenic Scott Early. As a remorseful Early is sentenced to a maximum security facility for the criminally mentally ill, his disability is increasingly tempered by medication and therapy. Guided by their faith, Ronnie’s parents take the unusual steps to visit and ultimately forgive him, as their surviving daughter silently plots to drop her strict religious identity and exact her revenge upon his release.


In 2008, EMO Films acquired the rights to the novel. Mitchard (awarded the first Oprah Book Club distinction in 1996 for The Deep End of the Ocean which was adapted as a 1999 feature starring Michelle Pfeiffer) is credited as a producer.