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Cageball is a sport invented by the football coach Jörg Berger, seeking a way to play football (American soccer) despite bad winter conditions.

It is similar to traditional indoor football, although with some changes: as the name implies, one plays in a cage. Due to the enclosed environment, the game is faster and more dynamic, and putting greater emphasis on football technique.

Playing field[edit]

Cageball is played on artificial turf. The playing field is usually 23x15 metres, but can vary somewhat due to hall constraints. The entire field is surrounded by a one-metre-high wall or fence, out of which extends a net for a further four metres upwards. This way, the ball is always in play, obsoleting all out-of-bound rules. Usually, a Cageball team consists of three field players and a goalkeeper, the latter which can also assume a "flying" role.


Normal football rules apply when it comes to fouls and deliberate hand usage. Free kicks must be immediately carried out. The offside is not observed, and there are no throw-ins or goal kicks.

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