Cagway Bay

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Cagway Bay
Cagway Bay is located in Jamaica
Cagway Bay
Cagway Bay
Location in Jamaica
LocationKingston Harbour
Coordinates17°57′23″N 76°50′26″W / 17.9564°N 76.8405°W / 17.9564; -76.8405Coordinates: 17°57′23″N 76°50′26″W / 17.9564°N 76.8405°W / 17.9564; -76.8405
Basin countriesJamaica

Cagway Bay as the English called it following their arrival in Jamaica during the invasion of 1655 had been known to the earlier Taino and Spanish occupiers as Caguay or Caguaya bay.[1]

The bay in turn got its name from the Taino name for the sand spit now known as the Palisadoes which protects the bay or, as it is now known as, Kingston Harbour. Edward Long argued in his 1744 History of Jamaica argues that the names were "a corruption of caragua, the Indian name for coratoe, or great aloe, which overspreads the adjacent Saltpan Hill".[1]

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