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Cathair Dónall
Cathair Dónall (Caherdaniel) Ring Fort
Cathair Dónall (Caherdaniel) Ring Fort
Caherdaniel is located in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 51°46′10″N 10°05′59″W / 51.769553°N 10.09960°W / 51.769553; -10.09960Coordinates: 51°46′10″N 10°05′59″W / 51.769553°N 10.09960°W / 51.769553; -10.09960
Country Ireland
Province Munster
County County Kerry
Irish Grid Reference V548593

Caherdaniel (Irish: Cathair Dónall, meaning "Dónall's stone ringfort"[2]) is a village in County Kerry, Ireland, located on the Iveragh peninsula on the Ring of Kerry. It is on the southwestern side of the peninsula, facing onto Derrynane Bay, at a T-junction on the N70 road.

A stone ringfort (cathair in Irish) is nearby,[3] as is Derrynane House, which was home to Daniel O'Connell. Copper ore was mined in the area, the first mines dating back to about 2000 BC.

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