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Total population
Regions with significant populations
Mexico Mexico (Sonora Sonora) (Sinaloa Sinaloa)
Cahita (Yaqui, Mayo)
Related ethnic groups
Mayo people, Yaqui people
Logo featuring images of Cáhita dancers

Cáhita is a group of Indigenous peoples of Mexico, which includes the Yaqui and Mayo people. Numbering approximately 40,000, they live in west coast of the states of Sonora and Sinaloa.[1]


Their languages, the Yaqui and Mayo languages, form the Cáhitan branch of the Uto-Aztecan language family. They are agglutinative languages, where words use suffix complexes for a variety of purposes, with several morphemes strung together. The Cáhita population was drastically reduced by Spanish explorers around the 19th century.


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