Cahuilla Band of Mission Indians of the Cahuilla Reservation

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Cahuilla Band of Cahuilla Indians
Chief Meyers baseball card.jpg
Total population
154 (est.)[2]
Regions with significant populations
United States United States (California California)
English, Cahuilla language[3]
traditional tribal religion,
Christianity (Roman Catholicism)[4]
Related ethnic groups
Cahuilla tribes

The Cahuilla Band of Cahuilla Indians of the Cahuilla Reservation is a federally recognized tribe of Cahuilla Indians, who are Cahuilla Indians located in California.[2]


The Cahuilla Reservation (33°31′13″N 116°42′42″W / 33.52028°N 116.71167°W / 33.52028; -116.71167) is located in Riverside County near the town of Anza. It is 18,884 acres (76.42 km2) in total, but 16,884 acres (68.33 km2) of the reservation belongs to individuals members of the tribe. 2,000 acres (8.1 km2) belong to the entire tribe in common.[2] It was founded in 1875.[4]


The Cahuilla Band of Cahuilla Indians is headquartered in Anza, California. They are governed by a democratically elected tribal council. Their current tribal chairman is Daniel Salgado.

Economic development[edit]

The tribe owns the Cahuilla Casino and Mountain Sky Travel Center, which is a convenience store and gas station located in Anza.[5]

Notable tribal members[edit]


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