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Art by Carlo Pagulayan.
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceIncredible Hulk vol. 2 #92, (April 2006)
Created byGreg Pak (writer)
Carlo Pagulayan (artist)
In-story information
Alter egoCaiera
Place of originSakaar
Team affiliationsWarbound
Shadow Guard
Notable aliasesLieutenant, Caiera the Oldstrong
AbilitiesSuperhuman strength, limited invulnerability, expert fighter and tactician

Caiera is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was introduced during the "Planet Hulk" storyline. She first appeared in Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #92 (April 2006), and was created by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Caiera was born on Sakaar to a tribe of Shadow People, the creators of the Old Power. She was raised by the priests to be a shadow warrior. When she was thirteen, her village was attacked by alien "spikes" that caused the other villagers to mutate into monsters. Caiera, the only survivor, was rescued by the Red Prince.

When the Red Prince becomes the Red King, Caiera is his loyal lieutenant and the mother of his daughter. When the Hulk arrives on Sakaar and gains public support as a gladiator, she protects the Red King from him. After a failed attempt to ruin his popularity, the Hulk and his Warbound escape.

Caiera is sent to kill the Hulk, but they encounter spikes during their battle. The Red King reveals he controls the spikes, devastating her. She turns against the Red King and aids the Hulk in a coup. Hulk becomes the Green King, and he marries Caiera. She becomes pregnant, but appears to die in the warp core explosion which laid waste to much of the planet.[1][2] Hulk returned to Earth in World War Hulk.[3]

Although Caiera died, she posthumously - through the Old Power - gave birth to two sons, spawned from beneath the surface of the planet: Skaar and Hiro-Kala, who each found their own destiny.[4][5]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Caiera possessed abilities that were derived from the planet itself. She could transform her body into stone and become incredibly resistant and strong, to the extent that she battled the Hulk to a standstill even when his strength and fighting skills had dramatically increased. She was also an expert fighter and tactician.

Other versions[edit]

A special issue of the series What If? examined what would have happened if Caiera had survived the explosion instead of Hulk.

Angered at the loss of her husband, Caiera takes the entirety of her planet's energies into herself, vastly increasing her power. She then goes to Earth to avenge his death. She kills the Illuminati and enslaves Earth.

In other media[edit]

Caiera appears in the animated direct-to-video film Planet Hulk, voiced by Lisa Ann Beley.[6] She follows the Red King loyally because he saved her from the Spikes that destroyed her village and her family. However, it later turns out that the Red King was the one who created the Spikes, thus he is responsible for destroying Caiera's village and killing her people. Once the truth is revealed, Caiera angrily severs her loyalty to the Red King and aids the Hulk and the Warbound into defeating him. Caiera then plants a Spike bug on the Red King, leaving him to be killed by his Death Guard robots (as part of their programming to kill any Spike infestation) as revenge for her tragedy. She then goes on to becoming the Queen Consort to Hulk, who accepts his new role as the new King of Sakaar.


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