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Kain XVIII.jpg
Directed by Nadezhda Kosheverova
Mikhail Shapiro
Produced by Lenfilm
Written by Evgeny Shvarts
Nikolai Erdman
Starring Erast Garin
Aleksandr Demyanenko
Yuri Lyubimov
Music by Antonio Spadaveccia
Cinematography Eduard Rozovsky
Release date
  • 1963 (1963)
Running time
94 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Cain XVIII (Russian: Каин XVIII) is a 1963 film from the Soviet Union, adapted from Evgeny Shvarts' tale Two friends. The Soviet film industry reported that 21.7 million spectators saw the film.


A famous inventor ("The Professor") creates an extra-powerful weapon—an explosive mosquito. King Cain XVIII dreams of conquering the world and marrying the princess, but she is also loved by Yan, a vagrant musician. Yan's love leads him to surmount many obstacles and simultaneously thwart the insidious plans of the king.


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