Caine Road

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Caine Road
HK Caine Road 60405 ppt.JPG
Caine Road
Traditional Chinese 堅道
Simplified Chinese 坚道

Caine Road is a road running through Central and Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. It connects Bonham Road to the west (at the junction with Hospital Road and Seymour Road), and Arbuthnot Road, Glenealy and Upper Albert Road to the east.

The road is named after William Caine,[1] a Colonial Secretary, and an acting Governor of Hong Kong between May and September 1859.


The following buildings and structures are located along Caine Road:


Driving west-bound is restricted to buses during the day. Private vehicles may drive west between 7pm and 7am weekdays, after 1pm on Saturdays, and all day Sunday.[5]

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