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Cairn Magazine is an online magazine covering Colorado's cultural landscape. It's tagline, "Colorado's Cultural Guidepost," reflects the intent of the magazine. Content is eclectic, including music, art, the outdoors, fiction pieces, book reviews, photo essays, etc. All content relates to the Colorado lifestyle or has been contributed by Colorado authors.


Cairn Magazine was originally a quarterly print publication. The first issue debuted in the spring of 2006, and circulation prior to conversion to e-media was approximately 10,000 copies with readership primarily throughout the Front Range. Cairn Magazine has covered such diverse topics as hydroponics, the emerging Denver rock scene, Rocky Mountain oysters, the Nepalese sex trade and rock climbing.

In January 2008, Cairn Magazine converted to an all-online format in order to better serve its readers. New content is posted at least weekly, and the online format encourages active participation from the readership.

Current Layout[edit]

The Cairn Magazine webpage ([1]) features the following content tabs: Lofty Concepts, Get Rhythm, Creative Front, Novel Ideas, and Dirty Habits.

Lofty Concepts is the most eclectic of the tab sections, including short articles on various events, news, food and drink, global and local culture, and other miscellany.

Get Rhythm discusses regional music of all genres. This tab features coverage of music events, album reviews, and exploration of the creative process.

Creative Front covers other forms of artistic expression, including painting, sculpting, theater, film and photography. Articles also present views on artistic influence on culture and the art industry.

Novel Ideas contains a variety of articles related to the written word, including book reviews, fiction pieces, author interviews, and poetry.

Dirty Habits is the forum for outdoor destinations and activities.


Cairn Magazine features blogs (also accessible via a tab at[2] as an extension to the magazine itself.

The official Cairn blog (the "Clog") functions as a bulletin board for local events and music as well as other random recommendations such as a summer movie-watching list and cocktail recipes.

Other Cairn blogs focus more narrowly on topics such as the RuckusRoots movement.

About the Title[edit]

Cairn Magazine's name was derived from the Scottish word cairn. This name suggests that the magazine functions as a guide for readers on a cultural path, much as a physical cairn structure signals a path or trail.