Cairnhill Single Member Constituency

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Cairnhill Single Member Constituency was a constituency in Singapore. It used to exist from 1955 to 1991, and was replaced by the Kampong Glam Group Representation Constituency. Lim Kim San is a Member of Parliament from 1959 to 1980 and was replaced by Wong Kwei Cheong which ran all the way until the Kampong Glam GRC merger in 1991.

Assemblymen and Members of Parliament[edit]

Member of Parliament Party Dates Notes
David Marshall LF 1955-1959
Lim Yew Hock SPA 1959-1963
Lim Kim San PAP 1963-1980
Wong Kwei Cheong PAP 1980-1991
Constituency abolished
Merge into Kampong Glam GRC

Elections in 1950s[edit]

General Election 1959: Cairnhill SMC
Party Candidate Votes % ±
SPA Lim Yew Hock 5,275 48.22% N/A
WP David Marshall 2,920 26.69% N/A
PAP Md. Oh Su Chen 2,262 20.68% N/A
LSP Tan Keng Siong 483 4.41% N/A
Turnout N/A N/A N/A
SPA hold Swing N/A
General Election 1955: Cairnhill SMC
Party Candidate Votes % ±
LF David Marshall 3,305 47.58% N/A
PP C.C. Tan 2,530 36.42% N/A
DP Tan Khiang Khoo 1,111 16.00% N/A
Turnout N/A N/A N/A
LF hold Swing N/A