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Coordinates: 52°06′41″N 106°41′50″W / 52.111273°N 106.697089°W / 52.111273; -106.697089 Cairns Field is a stadium in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is primarily used for baseball and most recently the home of the Saskatoon Yellow Jackets of the Western Major Baseball League until their demise in 2014. The stadium currently does not have a tenant.

Cairns Field features artificial lighting, electronic scoreboard, irrigated and groomed grass infield, excellent drainage, an 8-foot outfield fence with wind screening and dimensions of 335 feet down each line and 400 feet in center field. The supporting facilities at the field include stands seating in excess of 5,000 fans, a clubhouse with four dressing rooms, concession, washrooms, showers, media press box with a public address system, an umpires' room, warm-up mounds and a permanent batting cage. The ballpark hosted for the 2005 Canadian National Junior Championships.[1]


Team League Years Notes
Saskatoon Gems Saskatchewan Baseball League/Western Canada Baseball League 1952-57
Saskatoon Commodores Western Canada Baseball League 1958; 1960–61; 1963 Moved to Medicine Hat during 1963 season.
Saskatoon Commodores Canadian-American Baseball League 1959
Saskatoon Ambassadors Northern Saskatchewan Baseball League 1962
Saskatoon Commodores Northern Saskatchewan Baseball League 1962
Saskatoon Blues Western Canada Baseball League 1964
Saskatoon Riot North Central League/Prairie League 1994-95 Moved to the Prairie League in 1995.
Saskatoon Smokin' Guns Prairie League 1996
Saskatoon Stallions Prairie League 1997
Saskatoon Legends Canadian Baseball League 2003 Team and league folded during 2003 season.
Saskatoon Yellow Jackets Western Major Baseball League 2002;2004–14


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