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Cairo - Vertigo tpb.png
Date 2007
Publisher Vertigo
Creative team
Writers G. Willow Wilson
Artists M. K. Perker
Letterers Travis Lanham
Editors Joan Hilty
Original publication
Date of publication November 7, 2007
ISBN 1-40121-734-6

Cairo is the first graphic novel of G. Willow Wilson with art by M.K. Perker, and published by the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics.[1]


The story is set in contemporary Cairo, and follows six characters as they are drawn into the intrigue surrounding a stolen hookah, a box containing East and the Under-Nile of legend.


  • Ashraf - A hash smuggling ring leader on the rafh pass.
  • Tova - An Israeli Army special forces soldier assigned to the border for her refusal to serve in the occupied territories.
  • Shaheed - A Lebanese-American would-be terrorist.
  • Shams - A centuries-old djinn, protector of a box containing East.
  • Jibreel - A dissident journalist often censored by the government.
  • Kate - A somewhat naive American tourist and aspiring journalist.
  • Nar - Crime lord and magician.
  • Iblis - The Devil.
  • Ta'abatta Sharran - A spirit inhabiting the city's ruins, appears as a bearded man wrapped in two great snakes. Based on the similarly named Meccan poet.


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