Cairo Road (film)

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Cairo Road
Directed by David MacDonald
Produced by Aubrey Baring
Written by Robert Westerby
Starring Laurence Harvey
Eric Portman
Maria Mauban
Harold Lang
Music by Robert Gill
Setton-Baring Mayflower
Distributed by Associated British-Pathé
Release dates
21 June 1950
Running time
95 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Box office ₤145,502 (UK)[1]

Cairo Road is a 1950 British crime film directed by David MacDonald and starring Laurence Harvey, Eric Portman, Maria Mauban, Harold Lang and John Gregson.


A team of Egyptian anti-narcotic agents try to prevent shipments of drugs crossing the southern Egyptian border.[2][3] The film takes its name from the Cairo Road.



The cast included Egyptian film star Camelia, who died in 1950 in a plane crash.[4]


The film received a reasonably positive review from The New York Times, who said called it a "unpretentious and consistently sensible little film... antidote. British restraint and taste not only have saved the day but succeeded in dignifying a battered subject... this routine picture has some sterling ingredients."[5] The critic from Variety said "action moves slowly in the first half and much of the story is veiled so as to obscure the plot. However, it winds up with a meaty climax."[6]


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