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Family allocations make up the family-oriented sector of the French social security system, through a network known as the Caisse nationale des allocations familiales (National Office for Family Allocations, or CNAF) and the 123 Caisse d'allocations familiales (Family Allocations Office, or CAF).

The institution serves more than 10 million beneficiaries.

The allowances[edit]

Information from 2007

Right to allowances and their amount are subject to income

Birth, Adoption, Childcare

  • Allowance for the birth of a child (1710,49€ once)
  • Allowance for a young child (171,06€/month)
  • Adoption allowance
  • Aid to the family to hire a licensed mother's assistant (between 374,12€ and 748,24€/month).
  • Allowance for raising children at home (between 134,13€ and 530,72€/month)
  • Parental education allowance (between 256€ and 350,92€/month)


  • Family allowance (between 119-152€/month, more for each child between the ages of 11-20)
  • Familial complement (155€/month)
  • Allowance for parental presence (39-47€/day + 101€/month)

Back to school

  • Allowancefor the new school year (286,01€, paid in September)


  • Housing aid
  • Personalised housing aid
  • Bonus for moving house (898-973€, once)
  • Aid for scholarship students who move house (300€, once)
  • Loan for improvement works to home (1% interest loan, maximum 1067,14€)

The single or separated parent

  • Single parent allowance (between 52,90€ and 748,20€)
  • Family support allowance(83,76€ - 111,68€/month)
  • Recovery of unpaid alimony (the CAF takes legal action to force the other parent to pay alimony)

The handicapped adult or child

  • Allocation for the education of a handicapped child (between 119,72€ - 1999,82€/month)
  • Allocation for handicapped adults (621,27€)

The minimum salary

  • Minimum salary (440,86€ - 925,81€/month)
  • Prime for returning to work (1000€, once)

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