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The building hosting CaixaForum Lleida.

CaixaForum Lleida is a museum, cinema and art centre in Lleida (Catalonia, Spain). It is a private entity set up and funded by La Caixa, a savings bank based in Barcelona and part of the CaixaForum network of cultural centres. It's located in 3 Avinguda de Blondel and Avinguda de Madrid, in the building popularly known as Montepío after the bank's former name, or "the silver cup" (la tasseta de plata), on the site of a former cinema called Cine Vinyes. It used to be called Centre Cultural de la Fundació "la Caixa" until 2008, when the new naming convention was adopted.

The building[edit]

One of the tallest in Lleida, this modernisme-inspired building was designed by the architect Francesc de Palau Morera Gatell. Originally it hosted a movie theatre, Cine Vinyes (the name honouring Ricardo Viñes), and was acquired by La Caixa in 1985. Facilities include exposition areas, an auditorium with 235 seats, and two additional halls with 50 seats each. Contemporary artwork is showcased at the foyer.[1]


The Lleida Latin-American Film Festival is hosted at CaixaForum. A two seasons-long independent film program takes place in the centre every year under the name of the film cycle Amb veu pròpia.

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