Caixa (São Vicente)

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Bela-vista-net-Sao Vicente-map.jpg
Tope de Caixa in the island of São Vicente, displayed off the middle of the map
Highest point
Elevation 535 m (1,755 ft)
Coordinates 16°49′29″N 24°59′48″W / 16.8246°N 24.9968°W / 16.8246; -24.9968Coordinates: 16°49′29″N 24°59′48″W / 16.8246°N 24.9968°W / 16.8246; -24.9968
Caixa is located in Cape Verde
southern São Vicente island, Cape Verde

Caixa is a mountain located in the southern part of the island of São Vicente. The mountain is of volcanic origin.[citation needed] It is situated 4 km south of the island capital Mindelo.

Nearby is the village of Ribeira de Vinha, to the east is the settlement of Madeiral and Monte Madeiral, the Atlantic is to the south and São Pedro and the island airport is to the west. the island's garbage landfill and its junkyard is to the north.

It offers panoramic views of much of the island along with city of Mindelo and the adjacent islands of Santa Luzia and Santo Antão.

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