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SPAR Gran Canaria
Leagues Liga Femenina
Founded 1980
Arena Pabellón La Paterna
Location Las Palmas, Spain
Team colors Yellow
President Domingo Díaz
Head coach Pepe Carrión
Championships 1 Ronchetti Cup
2 Copas de la Reina
Website cbislascanarias.com

Club de Baloncesto Islas Canarias, better known for sponship reasons as SPAR Gran Canaria, is a Spanish women's basketball team from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Founded in 1980, it has played in the Spanish Women's League since 1983.[1]

1998-99 was Islas Canarias' most successful season to date with the club winning the Ronchetti Cup, the national Cup and being the national championship's runner-up. The following year the team won its second cup and again reached the Ronchetti Cup's final, and in 2003 it played its third European final, in the new EuroCup.

The team declined in subsequent seasons, with two 6th spots as its best domestic results. Nonetheless it has remained a regular in the EuroCup.[2]

Season by season[edit]

Season Tier Division Pos. Copa de la Reina European Competitions
1996–97 1 Liga Femenina 4th Played Ronchetti Cup
1997–98 1 Liga Femenina 4th Runner-up Played Ronchetti Cup
1998–99 1 Liga Femenina 4th Champion Ronchetti Cup champion
1999–00 1 Liga Femenina 2nd Champion Ronchetti Cup runner-up
2000–01 1 Liga Femenina 5th Ronchetti Cup quarterfinalist
2001–02 1 Liga Femenina 5th Played Ronchetti Cup
2002–03 1 Liga Femenina 4th EuroCup runner-up
2003–04 1 Liga Femenina 9th Played EuroCup
2004–05 1 Liga Femenina 6th Quarterfinalist Played EuroCup
2005–06 1 Liga Femenina 7th Quarterfinalist Played EuroCup
2006–07 1 Liga Femenina 8th Quarterfinalist Played EuroCup
2007–08 1 Liga Femenina 10th Played EuroCup
2008–09 1 Liga Femenina 11th Played EuroCup
2009–10 1 Liga Femenina 8th Played EuroCup
2010–11 1 Liga Femenina 9th EuroCup quarterfinalist
2011–12 1 Liga Femenina 6th EuroCup quarterfinalist
2012–13 1 Liga Femenina 7th
2013–14 1 Liga Femenina 3rd Semifinalist
2014–15 1 Liga Femenina 10th
2015–16 1 Liga Femenina 13th[a]
2016–17 1 Liga Femenina 14th
  1. ^ Remained in the league after CB Conquero was not admitted.

Notable former players[edit]



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