Cake Mania (series)

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Cake Mania
Genres Strategy (Baking and Time management)
Developers Sandlot Games
Publishers Sandlot Games
Platform of origin Microsoft Windows
First release Cake Mania
April 15, 2006[1]
Latest release Cake Mania 7: New Generation (CANCELLED)
December 2011

Cake Mania is a series of cooking and time management video games developed and published by Sandlot Games since 2006.

The series is available for PCs, Apple Mac, game consoles, on the web as a Flash game, on Facebook as Cake Mania: Special Delivery, and as a mobile game for cell phones. Cake Mania is also notable for being one of the first top-50 titles available as a free download in an advertising-supported model.[2]

Cake Mania[edit]

Cake Mania: Back to the Bakery[edit]

Cake Mania: Back to the Bakery is an expansion of the original Cake Mania. It has only slightly different gameplay and features from the original.


After Jill saves her grandparents' bakery, she has to win the Cake Mania Bake-Off Contest to send her Grandparents on a cruise.

Cake Mania 2[edit]

Cake Mania 2 is a sequel to the original Cake Mania. It has different features from the original one, including different locations, slightly different gameplay, new customers, and a new design.


After helping reopen the Evans Bakery, Jill sends her grandparents on a long-overdue cruise and decides to get back to business by helping out her friends.

Cake Mania 3[edit]

Cake Mania 3 is the sequel to Cake Mania 2. New features include mini-games and power-ups as well as the introduction of voice overs for the different storyboards throughout the game.


As Jill nervously prepares for her wedding day, disaster strikes when a Time Bender shatters and she finds herself bouncing through various time periods in history - from Ancient Egypt and Revolutionary France, to an unknown future where anything is possible - and she must work quickly to find her way back before the ceremony begins!


  • Copy Cakes:
  • Serve-O-Rama:
  • Cakey Makey


Each stage includes its own customers (except for the future), comics, background design, and all include the same mini-games. Also, the player receives a trophy for completing each stage:

  • Jurassic Period: Jill must find Agent Bundt, and a T-Rex offers himself to tell Jill where he is if he gets something in return, so Jill prepares cakes for him, the other dinosaurs, the monkeys and cavemen. After completing the task, Jill uses the Time Bender to teleport Agent Bundt to the present.
  • Forbidden City: Jill saved Risha, but needs to bake cakes for the Emperor, and for all China. After completing the task, Jill needs help for the emperor and teleports Risha to the present.
  • Ancient Egypt: Jill must save her grandpa from the top of a pyramid, but first it needs to impress the Pharaoh. After completing her task, she uses the Egyptians to complete the pyramid, and saves her grandpa, and then teleports him to the Present.
  • Medieval England: Jill needs to demonstrate to Merlin that her Grandma isn't Endora, so Jill bakes cakes to prove her Grandma's cooking abilities and make Merlin find Endora and marry them.[clarification needed] After finding Endora, Jill teleports her grandma back home.
  • Revolutionary France: Jill must free Tiny from the Bastille after he eats all the bread and causes a food shortage, but she needs to impress Marquis and Marie. Resolving the shortage problems with her cakes, she frees Tiny and teleports him back to present.
  • Future: As Jill teleports everyone back home, there was someone who didn't get to the end: herself! As there seems to be no hope, a new world appears, and Jill enters it, but finds that the Time Bender has a problem, and now customers from all the times were brought to the future. So, Jill needs to become the Supreme World Baker to have the scientist fix the Time Bender. She chooses Marquis de Cake to organize activities and get the Time Bender fixed and go home with Jack and her family and all customers back to their age. Managing to accomplish her goal, she gets back home.

As Jill gets back home, she realizes that she forgot something, her wedding cake, so she prepares one. Then she and Jack are married by Tiny.

Bonus packs[edit]

Three bonus packs were released, featuring more customers and levels. The first one, Evans Bakery, is free and takes place on the Evans Bakery. Karavay, the second one, focuses on Medieval Russia, and the third one, Westward, focuses on the Wild West. Karavay and Westward are available for a small fee.

  • Evans Bakery
  • Karavay
  • Westward

Cake Mania: Main Street[edit]

Cake Mania: Main Street is the fifth game to be released by Sandlot Games based on the original Cake Mania. New features include the ability to play as Jack, Risha, and Tiny in establishments other than the Evans Bakery.


Newlyweds Jill and Jack return to Jill's hometown of Bakersfield only to discover Jill's favorite spot, Main Street, is all but abandoned thanks to the flashy new mega-mall, Bakersfield Corner. Distraught at the idea of her beloved Main Street's fading life, Jill comes up with a plan to get Main Street business booming again with the help of her baking expertise and the business skills of Jack, Risha, and Tiny.


There are four Main Street locations, three with 25 levels and one with additional levels

Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action![edit]

Jill is pregnant and must run a bakery, while her other friends run a pizzeria and a fashion shop.

Cake Mania: To The Max![edit]

The picture of Oliver and Rose, Jill and Jack Evans' children, are shown in the intro. Jill imagines her teenage life. Jill has gone home. Her grandparents gave their apple to Jill.


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