Calà del Sasso

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Calà del Sasso
Calà del Sasso.jpg
A trait that shows the structure of the Calà del Sasso. On the left is visible the channel used for the sliding of the logs
Length7 km (4 mi)
Location Italy Veneto
TrailheadsLebo of Valstagna (221 m)
Sasso di Asiago (965 m)
Elevation change744 m (2,441 ft)
Highest pointSasso di Asiago, 965 m (3,166 ft)
Lowest pointLebo of Valstagna, 221 m (725 ft)
Hiking details

The Calà del Sasso is a path leading down from the village of Sasso di Asiago towards the town of Valstagna, province of Vicenza, north-eastern Italy. It has 4444 steps, is 7 km long, and is the longest staircase in Italy[1] as well as the world's longest staircase open to the public.[2] The highest and lowest points on the path differ by 744 m. Next to the staircase runs a gully. Both gully and steps are paved in limestone. The gully was used to transport timber from Sasso downhill. Once in Valstagna, Calà del Sasso ends near the river Brenta, where the logs were floated to Venice; here, in the times of the Republic of Venice, they were used in the local arsenal for the construction of boats.


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  2. ^ The staircase is the world's longest stairway service funicular Niesen in Switzerland, with 11674 steps

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