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Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.
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Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. (NASDAQCALM) is a fresh egg producer, established in 1969 and based in Jackson, Mississippi, in the United States. Its eggs are sold mostly in mid-Atlantic, midwestern, southeastern, and southwestern states. It accounts for approximately a quarter of US egg consumption.[1]

Cal-Maine is a public company trading on the NASDAQ, headed by its founder, Fred R. Adams, Jr., whose family owns a controlling interest.

In 2018, an investigation at Lake Wales Farm by the animal rights group Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) indicated that chickens suffer inhumane living conditions and abuse by employees.[2]

Principal subsidiaries[edit]

  • Cal-Maine Farms, Inc.
  • Southern Equipment Distributors, Inc.
  • South Texas Applicators, Inc.
  • Cal-Maine Partnership, Ltd.
  • CMF of Kansas, LLC.

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